If you know, you know


Although Mylk sounds nice, we also have a lot of secrets. Ones that we might share with you. Others that might scare you away.

How does the ice cream taste so delicious? Why does the plating look amazing? How does the coffee smell so intoxicating? Well, that’s just the Mylk way—it all just feels really good. We pride ourselves on offering something for all of the senses. We are different and we stand out from the crowd. We are a fluid movement heading towards an alternative destination, taking you to an alternative universe. 

The concept of Mylk was created with the belief to break down social barriers between people and food. The time has come for a concept to serve food regardless of its dietary leaning. Food is political, but it’s time for a space whereby people off all diets can feel safe to eat good, tasty and sinful food. We want everyone to have wow moments with food. We want everyone to explore different tastes.

We are that half-way point. Mylk is a non-binary place. We are sick of this or that. Why can’t we enjoy food, safely and tastily? Our mission is to bring together people from different walks of life to build a strong community—to bring people together.

Mylk was founded on the foundations of fun, where childhood memories and the nostalgia of ice cream and chocolate can be celebrated amongst adults and children. We have set out on a journey to revive ice cream and chocolates using ingredients perfected by nature, not science. We make all our food from scratch in Doha, Qatar, and we are proud of that. Mylk is a destination, a three-dimensional narrative environment, allowing you to explore a multi-sensory story.

We understand the importance of being transparent so here is a list of all the ingredients that is currently in our kitchen—and yes, we are dairy free, gluten free, vegan, additive free, and raw. 

Agave nectar
Black currant powder
Black pepper
Blue spirulina powder
Cacao butter
Cacao nibs
Cacao paste
Cacao powder
Cardamom powder
Chaga powder
Cinnamon powder
Clove powder
Coconut flour
Coconut Milk Powder
Coconut oil
Coconut sugar
Coconut syrup
Desiccated coconut
Flax seeds
Frozen mango
Frozen strawberries
Ginger powder
Gluten-free oats
Hazelnut grains
Hazelnut paste
Irish moss
Maca powder
Maple syrup
Monk fruit (Lakanto)
Natural dates
Pea protein powder
Pistachio paste
Pomegranate powder
Pumpkin seeds
Sea salt
Sesame seeds
Star anise
Sunflower oil
Tapioca Flour
Turmeric powder
Vanilla extract


Last updated: 18 May 2020